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Spoonflower [Surface Design]

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My Story/My Brand

Hello! I'm Jessica. I've been obsessed with the idea of getting my designs onto clothes and fabrics since I was in middle school. I started eleventy-five in 2010 back in Austin Texas. My workspace was the floor of our bathroom and my storage area was the hallway. I spent time learning all aspects of how to get a design onto fabric; creating the silk screen stencil, burning the image, printing and fine tuning the technique to get to where I am today. I've naturally leaned into being inclusive with my apparel designs, most of them are gender neutral! When I'm selling at a show and someone asks if a bodysuit or tee was made for a boy or girl, I say "BOTH" because it's just never something I think about when I design. At eleventy-five you can expect to find the softest organic fabrics and only the friendliest of earth conscious supplies. All of the companies I work with are thoughtfully chosen for being organic, eco-friendly and/or fair-trade produced. From sourcing all of my supplies to producing and packaging the finished product, from beginning to end, everything is done by me.